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Software, a balance to maintain

We can say that in a business, you always have to focus on things that do not work, and never touch what’s going well … we’re never immune to a mistake of judgment. In this connected world where 95% of … Read More

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The Google Penguin Effect

During an exchange with one of our loyal customers, he asked us to boost the SEO of his website . And this over a very short period. In addition, he wanted immediate efficiency in the days following his request. We … Read More

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Windev development

Windev development – Why and for what purposes?

What is Windev? At IT Place, we are doing Windev, Webdev and Windev Mobile development primarily for service-oriented architectures ( SOA ), prototyping < / strong> and to develop connectors between existing applications. Windev, Webdev and Windev Mobile, currently in … Read More

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Outsource the maintenance of your website

Website maintenance is often underrated for positioning on Google. It is however essential in order to be able to demonstrate the dynamics of the activity or the underlying society. What are the benefits of maintaining your website? Your website is … Read More

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Comment gérer vos projets avec Taskworld

How to manage your projects effectively?

Project management is an art in itself. But it does not apply only to Project Managers. All participants in your projects are affected . And when you have to manage many projects, dozens of collaborators and hundreds of tasks, the … Read More

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10 essential to work efficiently at home

More and more people are involved in homework. Businesses understand this phenomenon which is not only a fashion, but a real need. The advantages for companies to let their employees work at home are numerous: Reduced business premises costs More … Read More

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