More and more people are involved in homework. Businesses understand this phenomenon which is not only a fashion, but a real need.

The advantages for companies to let their employees work at home are numerous:

  • Reduced business premises costs
  • More enthusiasm and motivation of employees
  • Employees can afford cheaper (more distant) homes
  • Greater flexibility on the part of employees, less attentive to hours of availability
  • etc.

But working from home can also bring many constraints. Here is a list of essentials to achieve this without fear:

Arrange your workspace


Dissociate private and professional life

The place to live is usually associated with pleasures and hobbies, the joy of being with family, but not work. There is a real danger that these notions get confused!

Watch out for the invasion

An adequate and efficient technical environment

Get short term terms and medium terms from your boss or your customers

You must have a way to be properly evaluated by your superiors or clients. In this context, the use of enterprise software to track and control the evolution of your tasks is essential (see our article on ‘ how to effectively manage your projects ‘).

Watch out for distractions

Using a professional instant messenger

Get some exercise!

Find your colleagues

Do not lose social contact

Make time for yourself and your family

holy weekends!

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