Windev development

What is Windev?

At IT Place, we are doing Windev, Webdev and Windev Mobile development primarily for service-oriented architectures ( SOA ), prototyping < / strong> and to develop connectors between existing applications.

Windev, Webdev and Windev Mobile, currently in version 23, are 5th generation development environments developed by PC Soft .

Windev’s reputation is second to none, many large companies and thousands of small and medium-sized businesses use it daily. Since 1984, millions of software worldwide have been using Windev.

The benefits of doing Windev development are many, the first being the high-speed generation of heavy applications (Windows), Java (Windows, Linux, Mac), Mobiles (iOS / Android / Microsoft) and Web (PHP / Webdev).

The Windev environment is like more of a code generator than a low-level compiler , despite the fact that most of its components are already compiled to give acceptable performance .

If Windev can connect to most databases on the market, its native HFSQL engine is very powerful. Portable ‘as is’ from one platform to another without modification, able to handle billions of records without fail, integrates a bi-directional universal replication engine, … HFSQL is a formidable performance < / strong> (and certainly in relation to a Microsoft SQL environment).

What is a 5th generation language?

The first generation remains the machine language, or the assembler . Very effective to drive a CPU or a GPU at the lowest level, the assembler was quickly replaced by so-called procedural languages ​​ ( C , Fortran , Pascal …). Then object-oriented languages ​​ appeared with C ++, Ada, Java, Ruby, C #, and many others. It will be the third generation.

There is not really definition of these fourth generation . For some (including Wikipedia </ a>), the fourth generation includes languages ​​closer to the end user , such as SQL , SAS, Matlab etc. But others, like Microsoft, describe this fourth generation as that of component languages ​​ (Remember COM / DCOM, Corba, ActiveX, …). Distributed and service-oriented architectures can be seen as this fourth generation.

Fifth generation languages ​​are much more end-user oriented than programmers . Developments are formulated by defining sets of constraints and objectives . There is no doubt that PC Soft has adopted the notion of 5GL to emphasize the ease of development Windev, accessible to everyone. In our opinion, this is not the case, except for really simple applications. Doing Windev development always requires to have knowledge of relational databases and algorithmics , especially when one wants to use the capabilities of Windev to the maximum.

When to use Windev?

With Windev, you will not get the best performance, but you can build software extremely quickly while minimizing software bugs . This is useful in three special cases:

  • Rapid implementation of service-oriented architectures
    • which makes it possible to arrive at a functional system very quickly, to test business models, to focus on business processes, and then to make continuous improvements to each of its components (SOAP and REST compatibility allowing to use lower-level languages ​​without impacting the whole architecture).
  • Meet the budgets and deadlines of small and medium businesses
    • The Windev suite is provided, without any additional license, with hundreds of features required in the enterprise: management of electronic signatures, PDFs, bluetooth, NFC chips, barcodes, embedded components spreadsheets and word processors, XLSX / CSV / PDF / DOCX … exports, image management, etc. etc.
    • An SME usually does not need the most powerful application: it needs to be able to rely on procedures specific to its business, to be able to control machines, to interact with its customers.
  • Creating a third-party software connector in large enterprises
    • Windev’s ability to speak native SQL / CSV / XLSX / XML / SOAP / REST / JSON enables two-way communication between software already in place in enterprises. This is very useful for reporting, database synchronization, setting up a specific database for mobile devices etc.

The advantages of Windev development

Yes, but why not rely on Odoo ERP processes? If Open Source is a big medium- and long-term advantage , it’s not in the short term. A basic Windev application is set up in minutes / hours and can already be used in production (setting up a webservice coupled to a database takes a few minutes to deploy …).

Another advantage is the portability of its code . Already very readable (WLanguage is very close to the well-liked Pascal / Delphi, and works in both English and French (! -> useful for a non-IT client can understand what a procedure!)), It is also virtually portable in Windev, Webdev or Windev Mobile . The procedures can be used as is on all three platforms, allowing the developer to focus on the user interface .

Finally, Windev development can also be useful as a working tool , as for example to redraw the schema (in UML or relational) of an existing database, and after modification, to generate the necessary SQL code for its update.

What do we think of Windev?

As an example , we’ve been able to develop a ticket management software in just a few weeks, by setting up a service-oriented architecture (ticket generation server, sales servers, management servers for organizers, scanning applications, etc.). Then, as the platform’s commercial development progressed, components could be migrated into higher-performance languages ​​ but by following the processes previously implemented. Not only were we able to be on the market faster , but successive developments were also faster because the specifications were already drawn.

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At IT Place, we master both low-level languages ​​and high-level languages. Our goal will always be to respect your constraints and to be results oriented.

Active since 1999, we serve our customers proactively by offering effective and creative solutions, paying close attention to the advantages and disadvantages of each technology on the market.

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