Comment gérer vos projets avec Taskworld

Project management is an art in itself. But it does not apply only to Project Managers. All participants in your projects are affected . And when you have to manage many projects, dozens of collaborators and hundreds of tasks, the use of a adapted tool becomes necessary.

What features should the project management tool have?

The following features are essential today:

  • Connection on any device (smartphones, tablets, laptops)
  • Notification system when a task requires your attention (a collaborator has a question to ask you for example)
  • Instant Messaging built-in, to avoid sending thousands of e-mails with copying people
  • Presence of complete history , task by task, project by project (Avoid having to re-explain everything to newcomers)
  • Overview and ways of controlling progress
  • Complete documentary to get everything in one place
  • Multilingual system to collaborate with international teams
  • Solution totally oriented teleworking
  • The tool must also be compatible with the Agile methodology
  • Maximum learning curve , an employee must be able to understand and use the system in minutes

All of these features are not easy to find.

Description of our experience

A few years ago we used Trello , an excellent tool for managing projects in a SCRUM table format. The SCRUM table is a very visual tool allowing to visualize in one second the state of a project. What is interesting is that SCRUM can be done on a wall chart , with simple post-its.

On each post-it you will write a task to be done, which will take between half a day and five days. You can associate the color of a post-it to the team or the person who will perform the task, or use the color to define its complexity, or the category of task etc.

Draw a few columns ‘TO DO’, ‘IN PROGRESS’, ‘DONE’ and paste all post-its into the column ‘DO’. Once a person starts one of the tasks, it moves the corresponding post-it in the column ‘IN PROGRESS’ and when it finishes puts it in ‘FAIT’. You can also create new columns ‘BLOCK’, ‘ON TEST SERVER’, ‘DEPLOYED’, and so on.

The important thing is that the life cycle of a task (and therefore here a post-it) is from left to right. Thus, when we look at the SCRUM table, we can immediately know if the project is at its beginning (all post-its are on the left), or at its end (all on the right). This very visual method has been put in place to facilitate the understanding and the communication in a transparent way with all the actors of a project.

Of course today, even if paper remains a relevant means of communication, the trend is to digitize everything. Thus the Trello tool is shown formidable efficiency .

But as the size of our teams and the number of projects increases, Trello has shown its limits. We had to find an alternative, without losing all our history.

And that’s how we discovered TaskWorld .

Taskworld Benefits

This tool allowed us to import all our Trello pages and categorize them into project categories.

The benefits of Taskworld have really been immense for us.

The entire app has a built-in chat for teams. You find the notion of ‘channels’, chat rooms where you can exchange between subscribers. Thus, you can talk with the people in charge (or subscribers voluntarily) of a task. Or dialogue in the project channel. Or the general channel. You can also chat directly with a member of the team. All history is archived, which is not the case with Skype or Messenger … It is very important for someone who resumes a task in progress to be able to discover all his history .

For each task (and therefore post-it;)), you can add information such as the deadline, the number of hours spent (with automatic timing or manually entered), images, videos or any useful document , visual indicators so that we can quickly see the complexity for example, tags and many other things.

This gives a bluffing visual effect and extremely effective


A video preview of what Taskworld is doing to manage your projects

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