Software Maintenance

Maintenance of your websites and your business applications


Solving problems related to the features developed by us (bugs, edge effects, ...)


Evolution of your website or application to follow new technologies (eg LAMP Linux-Apache-PHP mysql). These updates include the updated source code to ensure their non-obsolescence.


This is the server maintenance, but also libraries, technologies to regularly include security patches to deal with various Internet attacks (viruses, software vulnerabilities, ...). Databases are the subject of special attention in order to protect sensitive information.


Development of new features or additional design on demand. Any new feature or evolution of a delivered feature will be subject to a Change Request, which will be assessed against the need. These developments also target support non-standard technologies when delivering your project. These are new developments.

Free Hosting

Because we consider that it is easier to carry out maintenance on our own cloud infrastructure OVH than your current provider. No obligation of course, but with us, in the case of a maintenance subscription, it's free.

WP Rocket Acceleration

If you have a WordPress site, we install an acceleration module that allows you to display your pages up to 6 times faster! The speed is a very important criterion, you will have a better natural positioning in Google searches!

Controlled pricing


CAP Maintenance
1 Website - Free Hosting
250 €/an
  • Accommodation included
  • Healing: bug fixes
  • Adaptive: updating the site and its packages
  • Preventive: security patches
1 Website - Maintenance CAP +
Your ultra-optimized site!
500 €/an
  • Accommodation included
  • CAP Maintenance
  • Accelerating the site with WP Rocket
  • Optimizing your images (weight / quality)
  • Detection and redirection of broken links
  • Daily backup
  • SSL certificate included
Application CAP Maintenance
Maintenance of your as-it application
  • Project Managers
  • Developers
  • Graphic
  • Database Managers
  • Access to our TaskWorld development environment
  • TBD: to be defined together, contact
CAPE Maintenance
Continuous development
  • Project Managers
  • Developers
  • Graphic
  • Database Managers
  • Webmasters
  • Access to our TaskWorld project management environment
  • TBD: to be defined together, contact
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