Website maintenance is often underrated for positioning on Google. It is however essential in order to be able to demonstrate the dynamics of the activity or the underlying society.

What are the benefits of maintaining your website?

Your website is aging with time. It ages quickly, and it’s not just about its design that will lack freshness and lose compatibility with new devices.

  • Incompatibility with new browsers
  • Vulnerabilities to new cyber attacks
  • Components that do not work anymore
  • The technology used no longer exists, is dropped by its community
  • Google thinks the activity no longer exists because it’s never updated
  • … and many more

It’s exactly the same as a shop window. If this one is not cleaned, and its products put forward modified according to the seasons, one will have the direct impression that this store is abandoned.

Maintenance is required and can take a long time. It is therefore advised to subcontract it to a professional agency .

What is software maintenance?

We distinguish several forms of maintenance. The CAP (E) classification template is the one we use.

CAP (E) is Curative, Adaptive, Preventive and Evolutive.

Curative Maintenance is the resolution of errors on your site or software. A feature may be broken due to an update, or may have a bug that will only appear occasionally.

Adaptive Maintenance includes updating technologies, libraries, and extensions to keep your software or website as up-to-date as possible. This is important for compatibility with the latest browsers or the latest mobile platforms such as smartphones or tablets.

Preventive Maintenance consists of installing security patches, usually made available by the community. In addition, if a security problem arises, usually as part of this maintenance, assistance is offered. Backups can also be made as part of this maintenance.

Scalable maintenance is usually optional because upgrades can not be done as a package. We then propose these evolutions in the form of monthly provisions or simply in hourly management.

What’s the point of continuously improving your site with maintenance?

Google is much more attentive to regular changes than punctual changes .

So, a website is never really ‘finished’. </ em>

The site that will be placed on the first page on Google in a natural way will be one that meets a maximum of SEO criteria used by Google. This means having more criteria than your competitors on your own keywords.

One of these criteria is the regularity of content updates on the website. Maintaining one’s site is keeping the structure, shape and underlying technologies up-to-date. You will then have to add or update its content regularly. Your agency can do it for you, if you wish .

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