During an exchange with one of our loyal customers, he asked us to boost the SEO of his website .
And this over a very short period. In addition, he wanted immediate efficiency in the days following his request.
We responded quite honestly that only a paid search and a specific strategy could answer to wonder.
Indeed, natural referencing must be “natural”. Of course, will you tell us …
But natural also means something well thought out, progressive, socially integrated and over time .
Well thought out to target your goals, with a seamless communication plan that respects your strategy.
Progressive , because before launching a communication plan, you have to test it first. Measure the returns, know how to manage them, increase or vary the various parameters little by little and thus converge towards optimal results for your company.
Socially integrated because Google gives a huge importance to what social networks decide (eg the number of shares, the number of likes, are determinant for the quality of an Internet page)
Finally, over time – Google does not support peak traffic followed by absolute silence.
A good family communication is meant to be constant. It also means that your communication plan can be applied in the long-term, planned (Communication planning tools on social networks exist, which allows you to already think about your communication several months in advance)
But in any case, the SEO> </ span> should be done regularly: once a month at least, ideally once a week </ span>.
The latest updates from Google, the Google Penguin , are aimed at penalizing sites that attempt to over-optimize SEO (Search Engine Optimization) over a period that is too short, so too punctual, or in areas unrelated to the real activity of the site … are also included: the masking of keywords, the stuffing of keywords, the manipulation of incoming links (link exchange traffic) somewhere else again, hunting for what is unnatural!

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