XPertBilling® Integration Services

XPertBilling® Integration Services

Since 2015, the IT Place team has specialized in the development of an integration layer between XPertBilling® and multiple external tools and databases.

Customers who have a license of XPertBilling® Business Suite can benefit from these integration services.

Large accounts can also call on the services of our partner CAPGemini.

Business Oriented Web Services

We create the REST web services needed for your projects

Real Time and Accurate Data

XPertBilling data is available to you in real time

Fast and Easy Integration

The web services are provided to you with documentation and examples of use

24/24 7/7 support

Our support teams are at your disposal

Automatic updates

You benefit from the latest updates of XPertBilling, without modifying your code


Each web service has a version, which allows you to control the updates of your own software


We optimize web services to be as efficient as possible

XPertBilling® proximity

Our teams are located in the same offices as those of XPertBilling

Service Desk

Not only are the performances there, but the support is exceptional.

In-Depth analysis

Our experts analyze your needs to determine the most efficient endpoints


Our servers can be distributed to allow tens of thousands of web & mobile users to use our web services

Web portals

We also develop web portals for your customers or ERP tools connected to XPertBilling®

Controlled pricing

Fixed budgets to avoid all surprises

Tell us about your project

Certified Integrator